The Power of Networking at Bridal Shows

The Power of Networking at Bridal Shows.

Sure, some vendors at bridal shows can be seen as your competition but the power of networking is real! Of course, bridal shows and expos are where you really want to gain leads but be sure to take just a few minutes to meet other vendors. The brief chat could be advantageous to your business! Here’s how:

·       You can make friends. This might sound a little cheesy but it never hurts to have allies in the business. They know what it’s like to run a business in this industry and you can always seek them out if you need to chat, vent or get some advice.

·       You can refer business to each other. This is a great benefit to networking. Whether you’re in the same field or not, if you know a bride looking for something specific that you don’t offer, do the courtesy of giving a fellow vendor a referral. They’ll most likely do the same for you!

·       You can get on a preferred vendor list, and vice versa. If you have a great meeting with another vendor, they could get to know you and put you on their preferred vendor list. The added endorsement can help you get more leads. This will also help you beef up your preferred vendor list, too.

·       You could partner on future projects together. If you strike it up with a fellow vendor and truly have a creative connection, it could lead to some exciting future endeavors. You could partner on styled shoots, events, workshops and more.


·       You could land some free stuff, too. You never know who you will meet at a bridal show and there could be a chance to get yourself some freebies, like a magazine feature, tickets to another industry event, and even trade-for-services deals!

Don’t overlook the power of networking at your next bridal show. Being an active member of the wedding industry will help to increase your brand recognition and get your business name out there. One small chat could lead to some pretty big things down the road!

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