Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram or Facebook?

It’s commonplace for companies these days to use Instagram and Facebook to market their businesses. But when developing a social media strategy, which one is better? Do you just focus on one? Both? There are important considerations when answering the question: Instagram or Facebook?

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Both platforms are great for advertising. However, some companies are choosing to leave Facebook to solely focus on Instagram. But before you completely cut ties, there are benefits to each platform that can help you build business.

Facebook has over 1.47 billion users worldwide. With Facebook, there are opportunities to drive website traffic that other social channels don’t have. By frequently posting new content, using large images, optimizing content to share, and advertising, you are driving audiences directly to your website where they can engage with your business at a deeper level.

Instagram has over 800 million users and is a great tool to create more brand awareness. More users engage with brands on Instagram than on Facebook. This platform really allows your brand personality to shine. You can cross-promote your profile, build a community of like-minded businesses and followers, and of course, use hashtags to create searchable content. Instagram is also a great way to showcase exceptional images of your business that hopefully, others will want to share, too.

An important consideration is the audience you’re trying to reach. Both platforms have qualities different demographics enjoy. Facebook tends to skew towards older audiences while Instagram is a favorite of younger audiences. Know your audience and use each platform accordingly to get the most engagement. Also, Facebook has a traditional desktop experience in addition to its mobile platform where Instagram does not.

If you’re looking to dive into paid advertising, you won’t save a lot of money by choosing one platform over the other. Paid advertisement isn’t cheap and while Facebook is the most expensive, Instagram isn’t far behind.

Bottom line: if you’re deciding between Instagram or Facebook to market your business, employ both in your marketing strategy. Both platforms can be advantageous for your business. Take the time to budget your social media advertising and consider which platform is best for your specific content and audience. And don’t forget the value of working with an expert. It’s never a bad idea to work with a consultant to get the most bang for your social buck, too.

Photo: Jodi and Kurt Photography