The Importance of Good Wedding Photography

The importance of good wedding photography for your business is paramount. When couples look for vendors to work with for their weddings, they want to see examples of the vendor’s previous (and best) work. Who wouldn’t? Your portfolio is your resume to the rest of the world so it’s important to make sure it shows off your work in the best way possible, and quality photography can do that.

As soon as any couple gets engaged, they hop online to search for vendors. Great wedding photography should be the centerpiece to your website. This is your online real estate that shows what you have to offer. It needs to be the best representation of what you do. You should update it often so potential clients know you have a steady stream of new projects and fresh ideas.


 You should also strive to use high-quality photography for all of your social media channels. Sure, organic, customer-submitted content is fun and shows you are genuine and customer-friendly, but make sure professional images are also shared throughout your pages. This will also help to shape your brand.

If you are going to a wedding show, it never hurts to have a little something extra to show off. Consider getting attractive photo cards printed to hand out. Something the size of a postcard that brides can pick up and take with them is a great idea.

Securing good wedding photography should be something you do regularly. As a professional, network and build relationships with nearby wedding photographers to help you keep your portfolio and online presence up-to-date. Grossly outdated images could make a bride suspicious of your current offerings.

Good wedding photography is important to your business and worth the investment. If you produce something you are proud of and eager to show off, be sure to get a professional photographer to capture it. You should update your images regularly to show you have new ideas and can keep up with the latest and greatest trends.

Photo by: Kayla Yestal