How to follow up to wedding show leads

It’s not always easy to know how to follow up with wedding show leads but there are a few ways to approach this initial step forward in building a client relationship. Some brides prefer calls; others prefer email. Here are a few ways to reach out once the show has wrapped:

Mail the bride a “thank you” card. Everyone loves handwritten cards. Dropping a card in the mail to a bride shows thoughtfulness and great customer service. If you can remember a personal detail about a particular bride, include that in your note, too.


Email the bride and thank her for visiting your booth. This is an easy, simple way to reach out to any bride. Use a simple greeting, explain who you are, how you got her name/email address and provide a brief summary of your business. Point her to your website and social channels for examples of your work and be sure to highlight any specials, notable achievements or client testimonials, too.

Call the bride. If the bride provided her phone number, give her a call to simply reach out. Introduce yourself and explain how you met, tell her about your business and what you can offer. If you connect with her, try to inquire about setting up a consultation to discuss the wedding in further detail.


Find and follow them on Instagram. So many brides are on Instagram and many of them enjoy following active and highly engaged profiles of wedding vendors. If you meet a bride and feel comfortable following her on social media, this is a great chance to build a connection and show her some of your ongoing work.

Knowing how to follow up to leads from bridal shows is truly up to you and what you’re comfortable with as a business owner. And don’t be afraid to ask the bride upfront the best way to reach out to her after the show, too. By communicating in a way that makes you and the bride comfortable, you’re setting yourself up for a successful conversation.

Top to Bottom Credits: Cecelina Photography | Bisou Style