Drive Excitement to Your Booth

Drive Excitement to Your Booth.

Wedding shows are a busy sea of signs, tables and eager attendees so you need to drive excitement to your booth. To get a bride’s attention, you truly need to stand out. Here are a few tips to get noticed on the show floor:


Make the booth visually appealing and pretty. Brides are at wedding shows to get ideas. Put a little thought, creativity and time into the design of your booth, especially to provide inspiration. If they see something that appeals to them, it’ll draw them in.

Do a giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff – especially at bridal shows. Hold a contest where they fill out a simple card with contact information to be entered for a drawing – maybe a discounted or free service, a free consultation, or something completely different but attractive. This gives you the chance to get them in the booth and chat with them while they fill out their entry.

Wear an eye-catching outfit. Find something that stands out – a suit, dress, personalized shirt – that is attention-grabbing. Sometimes, all it takes is someone in an interesting outfit in front of the booth to strike up a conversation.

Do a live story on your social channels. Maybe you’re picking the winner of the giveaway or doing a demonstration. Whatever you have in mind, consider doing it live on Facebook or Instagram to generate buzz for your business. Share your booth location and invite others to stop by. Also, it never hurts to ask a bride a few questions to generate some lively conversation (fiancé’s name, the engagement ring, the wedding location, etc.).

Try pre-show promotions. If the show you’re exhibiting at has a list of attendees who pre-registered, send them some material ahead of time so they know to come find you! Also, don’t forget to share your participation in the bridal show on all of your social channels.

There are lots of ways to drive excitement to your booth but the easiest way is to simply be approachable. Smile and be polite, welcoming and warm to everyone who passes by your space. That feeling of comfort is invaluable.

Photo by: tonyajoy