Clean Up Your Act!

 Clean Up Your Act!

1. Update and freshen up your website. Your website is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor. Try to update the site’s look and feel every so often to ensure visitors you are up-to-date and current with new ideas and skills. Also, check frequently to make sure all of your pages are working and your contact information is correct.

2. De-clutter and clean your email inbox. As a business owner, you get a lot of emails and the last thing you want is for a potential client’s message to get buried. Having a clean inbox makes it easier to see emails. Try to make it an ongoing habit to clean out your inbox regularly.

3. Update all of your social media pages right before the show. You want to have a recent post in case a bride searches for you online. Share your booth location, relevant hashtags, and any special features for your booth. Be sure you have some recent examples of your work out there, too.

4. Check your company reviews online. Make sure you have positive reviews from recent satisfied clients and nothing negative outstanding that you haven‘t addressed. Learn more about the impact of negative reviews here. 


By taking a few minutes to clean up your act online, you’re putting your best foot forward for potential clients searching for vendors. Address outdated information, stay organized and regularly think about how to freshen up your content.

Photo: Erin McGinn