What is a Welcome Gift?

What is a welcome gift?

When it comes to weddings, what exactly is a welcome gift? Welcome gifts are thoughtful, fun or creative ways to greet your guests when they arrive for your wedding. Oftentimes, couples leave welcome gifts for guests at their hotel when they host destination weddings or if their guests have traveled a long distance. And it’s such a fun surprise as a guest to find a gift waiting for you!

Welcome gifts can range from practical items your guests might need for the weekend – like sunscreen, bug spray, a drink koozie, a bag of chips, or bottle of water – to more extravagant items like a mini bottle of champagne, essential oils, gourmet snacks and even candles.


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Creating a welcome gift that fits the theme of your wedding is always a great idea. If you’re hosting a low-key wedding, consider giving your guests a map to the city, a snack that locals love, mints or gum, or a mini first aid kit.

If you’re hosting a luxurious destination wedding, throw in items that also help shape the experience like a personalized beach towel or hat, postcards, and ideas for a fun excursion nearby.

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The bag itself can also make a big impression. A simple paper bag can be dressed up to be cute and functional and then recycled when they leave. For an added keepsake, an embroidered tote bag is a perfect way to welcome your guests to your wedding and give them something to take back home, too.

You can also get creative by leaving welcome gifts in baskets, boxes tied with twine or an elegant wooden tray.

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Welcome gifts are a great way to set the tone for your special day with your guests. When they arrive, the extra care, thought and attention to their attendance will make them feel special. And they’ll leave with a few fun treasures, too.