Wedding Food Trucks

Wedding Food Trucks - Raleigh, NC.

A food truck at a wedding is the hallmark of a good time! You’re telling your guests you want this to be a fun experience with good food and good choices, and it can be a novel alternative to a sit down dinner. But before the truck rolls in to your venue, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Food is key. If you’re thinking a food truck might be in your future, try out a few first and find one you really like – and that your guests will like. Ask the food truck owner if they’ve catered for a wedding before. You want your guests to rave about the food and a food truck is only a good idea if the food is – well – good! Also, try to find one that has a wide variety of options so there’s something for everyone.


Think about the time of year. A food truck is a different kind of dining experience. So, think about from start to finish how your guests will get their food. While your July wedding might seem like a great time for a food truck, consider the back and forth. Will your guests have to walk away from your venue? Will they have to stand in line? It should be a smooth, easy process the whole way through.

Calculate costs. One food truck might be just fine for your event but if you’re planning a large wedding, consider having two with different styles of food. If your budget allows for it, this will help keep the lines down. Each food truck owner has different prices so ask them how much they charge per person and how quickly they can feed a crowd. After all, you want your guests to enjoy the party, too!

Consider the look. Food trucks have to be bold, flashy or unique in order to get people’s attention on the streets or at events. Be sure before signing the contract that you’re cool with their designs being in your wedding photos. 

Use it in addition to other dining options. If you still want a traditional dining option for your wedding but love the food truck vibe, think about incorporating it in different ways. You can use a food truck for a fun midnight snack or hire them to pass out French pastries, donuts, chips, etc. With the amount of options out there today, you can find a food truck to fit any food request.

Check with your venue. Some venues do not allow outside catering. Make sure you’re allowed to have a food truck at your event before you explore the option.

Food trucks at weddings can be a super fun way to feed a crowd. So, if you’re a couple who loves food trucks and all they have to offer, talk to the owner and see what they can do for special events. It will be one detail your guests won’t forget.

Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher Photography