Balloon Wedding Fun

Wedding Balloon Fun.

Balloons aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties; you can have fun with balloons at your wedding! Yes, these lighthearted additions can make any wedding that much more enjoyable and carefree. But don’t think you have to sacrifice style. Choosing large latex linen balloons is how to make this childlike accessory chic!

This bride clearly loves neutral colors and what fun it is to celebrate with wedding balloons in your signature color! Grab a few large round balloons and take some photos with your bridesmaids before the ceremony.


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You can also create variation with additional ribbons and smaller balloons for a whimsical creation. This bride grabbed a collection of balloons for some golden-hour photos. And how magical does her and the groom look as the balloons catch the sunset?


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You can also use large round balloons to bring attention to a sign for your guests. It’s an easy way to create a simple display for something you don’t want people to miss.

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There are all sorts of ways to have fun with balloons at your wedding. Take photos with your groom, add tassels and use them as part of your décor, or simply share them with friends and family for one big group photo. Balloons at weddings have come a long way – and today, they’re more beautiful than ever!

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