Veil or No Veil

When the bride is selecting her wedding gown, one major question is: veil or no veil? Veils are one of the trademark accessories of bridal fashion but these days there are many ways brides can exude their own unique style without a veil, too.

When deciding between a veil or no veil, consider many different aspects. Look to the design of your dress to figure out the appropriate length and fabric. Short veils, lace, chiffon, ivory… the choices are endless. If a veil looks appropriate with your dream gown, go for it. If it takes away from your look, search for a different option.


You should also check your budget. Veils can be pricey so make sure it’s something you want to spend money on. If your budget is tight, consider more affordable options – there are plenty out there – including borrowing a family heirloom or veil from a friend.


If you are leaning towards no veil and want to show off your hairstyle, opting for different accessories like hair pins, embellished bands, combs and flower crowns are other ways to make sure you still exude bridal style. These accessories are also great if you want to wear a veil for the ceremony and remove them for the reception as they will amplify your updo while you celebrate.


For traditional brides, the thought of walking down the aisle with the veil covering her face is special. Be sure when shopping for a veil that the style you choose has a blusher or inquire if you can add one on. Also, if you do prefer to have the groom lift your veil, practice, practice, practice.


Deciding between veil or no veil is a big decision. So, think about your own style and what works best for you. If you’re unsure, consult with your bridal shop and ask for their recommendations, especially when it comes to your gown. And with new looks and trends popping up every day, it never hurts to search online, too. No matter what you decide, if you love it and feel confident, then it’s certainly the right choice!

Credits from Top to Bottom: images 1 & 2 Shannon Moffit | images 3 & 4 Sophie Kaye Photography | image 5 The Wedding Tale

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