Unique Wedding Reception Seating - Raleigh, NC

Unique Wedding Reception Seating - Raleigh, North Carolina.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to reception seating can ensure your guests have a unique experience. Thanks to creative table arrangements, seating charts and venues, your guests will not only feel included but also like they have the best seat in the house – no matter where they sit.

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The first thing to keep in mind is accessibility. You want your guests to feel they have enough space to be comfortable, to chat and to enjoy themselves at your wedding. Creating a seating arrangement, like an open concept, creates enough space to where your guests can feel included and see everything that’s going on.

It’s also fun to think about ways to mix up the look and feel of the room. Long, winding family-style tables can make even a simple venue seem grand.

Also, use your venue to your advantage. If you have the added bonus of a unique fixture, large window or stunning skyline, center your reception seating on that focal point. Show off what makes your venue unique and special.

Mix and match table heights and chairs. No one says reception seating has to be completely uniform. If your reception is more casual or laidback, add a few high-top tables and stools, as well as some standard chairs and tables to add height and dimension.

For unique reception seating, take stock of your entire venue and the space for which you have to work. Think about the type of reception you want to have and how to make your guests feel a part of it all. Consult with the venue’s representative or a creative wedding planner to consider how you can incorporate inventive reception seating. It’s an easy, simple way to add some “wow” and pizzazz to any reception!

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