Tips for Attending a Wedding Show

Tips for Attending a Wedding Show.

Bridal shows can be overwhelming, but with a few smart tips, you’ll be able to navigate the show floor with ease. Just a little preparation and organization will get you more than ready to meet with vendors and plan your wedding day with confidence. And have a little fun, too!


1. Register early: If you can, pre-register and purchase your tickets in advance. On the day of the show, this saves you time at check-in and there may be perks for pre-registered brides, such as VIP early access to vendors, versus those brides purchasing tickets at the door.

2. Create address/email labels: Make sticker labels to give to vendors so you don’t have to write them by hand all day. Many will have raffles where you can submit your contact information to enter so bring more than you think you’ll need.

3. Create a special email address exclusively for all things wedding. If you worry about handling lots of wedding-related emails in your personal mailbox, create a special email address to use just for wedding planning. This way, when you get emails it doesn’t overwhelm your personal inbox and you will be able to keep it all organized in one place.

4. Fuel up before the show. Make sure you eat something before you arrive. It’s not necessary to be stuffed but just in case you don’t make it over to the food samples right away, this keeps you alert and engaged. There is nothing worse than being hangry!

5. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be standing and talking in them for several hours. You will walk a heavy portion of the day so be prepared and wear comfy shoes.

6. Attend with your fiancé, bestie, mother or bridal squad. Bridal shows are fun pre-wedding experiences to share with special guests by your side. Make a day out of it and let them enjoy some wedding excitement, too. Plus, they can be a big help.

7. Kids are awesome but it’s best to leave them at home. Bridal shows are not the best place for children. There is a ton going on, it’s not the most kid-friendly environment and chances are they will get bored fast. It also makes it tough for you to focus on your conversations with vendors. If you have to bring your kids, plan ahead by packing snacks and making sure they are prepared for a long day ahead. Dress them comfortably and make sure you bring another adult with you so you can chat with vendors.

8. Bring your wallet. Be prepared to book your vendors on the spot if you find ones you love! Bring along your debit/credit cards and/or your checkbook so you can book vendors quickly and know you can lock in your date with them.

9. Take notes and lots of pictures. You may not book a vendor that day but you may be intrigued by a few ideas you see along the way that you’ll want to research later. Take notes and pictures on your phone so you can refer back to them once you get home. 

10. Be prepared to share the basics of your big day. You might not know everything at that point and that’s absolutely fine! But having some details like the date, the potential size of the guest list, location (if decided), etc. can help a vendor understand how they can best serve your needs.

There are lots of tips for attending bridal shows and the specific show you’re eyeing may have some helpful advice on their website. Be sure to research the show you’re going to and find out any specific details that may help you when you’re there. Above everything else: walk in excited, confident and ready for a fun day ahead!

via Gianluca and Mary Adovasio