Silk Ribbon is a Big Hit

Silk Ribbon is a Big Hit - Raleigh, NC.

You’re seeing it everywhere for good reason: silk ribbon is a big wedding hit. There isn’t a more versatile and useful finishing touch than this perfect, lightweight fabric. And while we often see brides employing silk ribbons for bouquets, there are many ways to incorporate this luxurious detail.

First things first, silk ribbons are the perfect complement to any bridal bouquet. With their glossy, sophisticated appearance, nothing finishes off a flawless bouquet than the addition of a hand-tied silk ribbon. 

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For added romance, tell your florist to use long, trailing strands so they move gracefully with you when you walk down the aisle. The florist can incorporate a number of colors, as well, for a more dynamic look.

For a chic touch to any invitation suite or place setting, you can use a dainty silk ribbon to tie the collection together and show off one of your wedding accent colors. 

Incorporate silk ribbon to add polish to your decor. Tie silk ribbons to the bride and groom chairs at the reception, use ribbons as part of the nosegays along the ceremony aisle, give a few spools to your photographer to use in artistic photos and even incorporate them into your wedding cake design.

And of course, don’t forget about bridal style. If you’re in love with silk ribbon, you can always use it as an additional accessory, such as a belt for your gown or as part of a bridal headpiece.

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Silk ribbon is a big hit for weddings these days because of its added effect and elegant touch. And while incorporating silk ribbon might seem on-trend, it’s also classic and timeless. Grab a spool in a color you love and find ways to use this simple but sophisticated fabric for a look that will never go out of style.

Top to Bottom photos via Michelle Beller | Vicki Grafton