Place setting ideas

Place setting ideas - Raleigh, NC.

When guests find their seats at your reception, the first thing they’ll notice is the place setting. The china, the flatware, the place cards and the napkins can all combine for a truly lovely presentation. Simply by using your wedding style and your own personalities as inspiration, each guest will feel honored to have a seat at one of your tables.

The use of small floral touches at each place setting is the best expression of a bright and airy wedding. A small flower and greenery pops against white and gold-rimmed china. A light linen napkin, unassuming scripted parchment place card and modern flatware complete the elegant look.


Glamour leads the way for this place setting thanks to the use of gold with light blue. The stunning gold charger anchors the blue china, and a unique gold-inspired menu on top brings the presentation together.


The balance of color in this tablescape is exquisite. Since the couple uses bright, bold floral centerpieces, the incorporation of understated and modern blush china atop a square marble charger is genius. Pink glassware and contemporary flatware round out the minimal design.


Using perfectly imperfect gold-rimmed china creates a rustic, romantic feel. Atop the natural wooden table, the plates add a sophisticated touch, while the sprig of greenery and a linen napkin bring welcome softness.


You can get creative in other ways, too, when it comes to designating your guest’s seat. This couple uses seamless pastel china, a round marble charger, and rose gold flatware but personalize the setting with a small floral “A.”


And for those who love a classic monochromatic look, sometimes less really is more. Simple black and white china is the perfect foundation for a black and white place card and the clever use of a striped black and white napkin.


Think about the kind of impression you want to make on your guests and style your place setting around that vision. Pull inspiration from the rest of your wedding day to create a place setting they’ll both admire and enjoy.

Credits from top to bottom: Emm And Clau | Krista A. Jones | Danielle Poff Photography | Sally Pinera | Dana Fernandez Photography | Birds of a Feather