Olive Oil at Your Raleigh Wedding

Olive Oil at Your Raleigh Wedding.

For Italian and Mediterranean-inspired weddings, olive oil takes on a whole new role besides just as an ingredient. This appetizing detail can be incorporated in a variety of ways to enhance the feel of a culturally-rich wedding. For both gifting and eating, using olive oil as part of the wedding can be a flavorful addition.


For couples who truly love olive oil and consider it an excellent wedding favor, gift your guests with blends that are unique and different. Small bottles of lemon olive oil wrapped in colorful fabric are a gorgeous wedding favor for any guest and is certainly one they won’t leave behind.


You can also leave the bottles unwrapped to show off the special ingredients. Small bottles of olive oil infused with rosemary are beautiful on their own and is a favor you can easily make yourself. Send guests home with a small loaf of bread to dip.


If you want guests to enjoy olive oil at your reception, set up an olive and olive oil bar. During cocktail hour or the reception, guests can sample and snack on various flavors as a fun finger food option.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate olive oil is as an appetizer before dinner. At each table, offer guests artisan bread and a sample of olive oil for dipping.


Incorporating olive oil into your wedding is about as tasteful as it gets. From sampling to serving to sharing, this is one tasty and sophisticated treat your guests will most certainly appreciate

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