Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride has probably dreamt about her daughter’s wedding day since the moment she was born. And oftentimes, moms dive in head-first to help with the wedding planning process and be a source of support for the bride. So, ensuring the mother of the bride feels included and special throughout the wedding celebration will make the memories that much sweeter and richer.


A lot of time and effort goes into making sure the bride looks perfect on her big day, but the mother of the bride should look and feel her best, too! A great mother of the bride look is one that makes her feel comfortable and suitable for the occasion. Oftentimes, choosing colors that complement the wedding color palette is a great place to start.

The mother of the bride should look to her daughter for suggestions on the style and formality, and the bride can turn this into a special experience. Schedule an appointment at a boutique bridal shop to help mom find her wedding day look and make her feel great about what she chooses.

Oftentimes, the bride’s mother will play a key role in helping the bride get ready on the big day by corralling bridesmaids, answering questions and ensuring many details are just right. And while moms often volunteer to do so many things, especially for their child’s wedding, the bride should be sure to slow down and enjoy the day with her, too.

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There will be plenty of wonderful moments for the mother of the bride and her daughter to share in the excitement. Have a photographer nearby to capture key moments like affixing the veil, handing the bride her bouquet, sliding a bracelet on the bride’s wrist or even just wistfully smiling from the distance. While they may seem small, these moments will be so important to look back on in the years that follow.

Brides often acknowledge their moms with a gift before the wedding. Some great ideas include a personalized picture frame to spotlight one of those sweet photos from the wedding, an embroidered handkerchief to catch happy tears, or even a bracelet or necklace to wear with her wedding attire. But don’t over-think it, either. A handwritten “thank you” letter can be incredibly touching, too!

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The mother of the bride is a central figure for her daughter’s wedding — from helping to plan, to comforting fears and even contributing financially to the event. But more importantly, the mother of the bride will be one of her daughter’s biggest supporters and sources of help. While her role is paramount, it’s important the mother of the bride also knows just how truly loved she is, too. And at the end of the day, a hug and an “I love you” amid all the hustle and bustle will be a memory she’ll cherish forever.

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