Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

Most Popular Days to Get Engaged.

If you’re hoping for an engagement soon, taking a peek at some of the most popular days to get engaged might give you a clue as to when the sparkler might come. And while some engagements are a complete surprise, others land on or around major holidays. According to Wedding Wire, there’s certain times of the year that many choose to pop the question.


The 10 most popular days to get engaged are:

·       December 17

·       December 23

·       Christmas Eve

·       Christmas Day

·       New Year’s Eve

·       New Year’s Day

·       The Saturday before Valentine’s Day

·       Valentine’s Day

·       The Saturday during Memorial Day Weekend

·       Fourth of July

Of all engagements, nearly 40% take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, and there’s a pretty common thread. Holidays are opportune times to be around friends and family. Proposing during this time of year means you can make it a big celebration with all of your loved ones.

Second, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are popular gift-giving holidays; therefore, some see this as a special time to pop the question and give what could be the most memorable gift ever.

Third, holidays are popular days to get engaged because it’s when most people have a chance to take time off work or go on vacation. How fun would it be to get engaged on a special trip and then have a few days to bask in the excitement?

Finally, you’ll notice a few days on this list that are a couple of weeks ahead of a major holiday. These days are popular because 1) it might be hard to keep the secret for long and 2) the person proposing may want to pop the question before the actual holiday rolls around so they can share the good news with loved ones on the actual day without the pressure.

Anyone can propose at any time but getting a glimpse at the 10 most popular days to get engaged is interesting and fun. No matter if you get engaged at Christmas or on a random Wednesday in April, that day will become your own special holiday within itself. But in case you’re keeping up with the calendar – the Fourth of July is right around the corner!

photo via: Kim James Photography