Industrial Wedding Ideas

Industrial Wedding Ideas - Raleigh, NC.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes these days and the industrial-style wedding is certainly having its moment. Many venues have details that speak to this trend: exposed brick, steel beams, high ceilings, original hardwood floors, and contrasts between natural light and dark materials. You can play off of this unique vibe by incorporating a few industrial wedding ideas of your own.

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Find interesting lighting. By turning the lights down and using uplighting, you can create a romantic mood in your industrial space. If your venue doesn’t have an exclusive type of lighting, look at options you can rent that give off that industrial spark. Edison bulbs are always a great choice but also think about innovative options like marquee letters or suspended candles.

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Mix up your metals. The fun thing about an industrial style wedding is how you can mix and match materials. By incorporating a few different metals in your wedding – like brass, gold or copper – you can create something that’s dynamic and also elegant.

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Balance the bold with something soft. You want your wedding to still feel like a wedding. Incorporate balance by adding in plush flower arrangements, white linens and candlelight.

Use it as inspiration for your paper pieces. You can have a lot of fun incorporating industrial details into your invitation suite. Chalkboard-looking parchment, bold art-deco style lettering, dark envelopes with metallic calligraphy and even a simple black-and-white motif can set the tone for your big day.

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Incorporate rentals that complement the space. Think about using tables and chairs that speak to the venue’s characteristics: metal chairs instead of chivari, long natural wooden tables instead of round linen-covered ones, high-top bar stools along the walls for guests to chat and mingle or barrels to use for presentation. Get creative!

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Industrial-style weddings are interesting, gritty and authentic with an air of class, elegance and sophistication. Think about how you can infuse your own style in a way that gives your wedding a certain kind of ruggedness that will leave guests in awe at your ingenuity and imagination.