How to incorporate Christ into your wedding

If you are a Christian, incorporating Christ into your wedding is a special and meaningful decision. Of course, you can have a Christian-based ceremony but there are other ways you can ensure your wedding day is Christ-centered, too.


Use a keepsake Bible. You might have a family Bible or one given to you when you were little. Either way, using this Bible as part of your ceremony adds a heartfelt and personal touch.


Prayer is something you can include throughout your day. Brides pray with their bridesmaids, grooms pray with their groomsmen, couples pray together (there are lots of ways to do this without seeing each other) or you can pray with your parents before the ceremony. Of course, you can also include special prayers in your ceremony and a pre-reception meal blessing, too. Prayer is a great way to connect back to your faith, and experience stillness and calm on what could be a hectic day.


Have your ceremony at church or incorporate a cross at the ceremony. Hosting your ceremony at your or your family’s church is a special experience. But if a church isn’t available or you prefer an outdoor ceremony, many couples include beautiful crosses at the head of the altar. You can keep it simple or add fabric and flowers to make it a symbolic part of your ceremony.


Use Bible verses. If you have a favorite Bible verse or one that is important to your relationship, you can incorporate it into the ceremony by having a loved one do a reading, printing it on the invitation suite or using it on signs at the reception.

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Involve Christian music. Whether they are traditional hymns or contemporary Christian music, you can include your favorite songs in the ceremony or at the reception.

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The best way to incorporate Christ into your wedding is to come back to your faith and remember above all else, to celebrate love - the love you have for each other, for Christ and him for you. By remembering the importance of the ceremony and the commitments you make to one another, you’ll be honoring your faith more than any piece of décor, song or flower ever could.

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