Idalia Baudo Jewelry - Bridal Show Sponsor

Idalia Baudo Jewelry - Bridal Show Sponsor.

Distinctively yours, Idalia Baudo Jewelry has been created to provide something innovative, unique and sophisticated for those who appreciate very special design. You will find that each piece is given extraordinary attention, reflecting value and significance, with the finest materials available. All of Idalia Baudo Jewelry designs are lovingly created by hand, and made predominantly in Italy and the United States.



Idalia, who is the Creative Director and Founder of the collection, which bears her name, has always been fascinated by the marriage of unusual elements and textures. With Idalia Baudo Jewelry, she loves to combine these elements with classic materials, such as gold and silver. Gaining inspiration in nature and her travels, organic and unique materials find a beautiful home in Idalia Jewelry designs, where an emphasis is placed on exquisite craftsmanship, timeless elegance and simple luxury.