How to Pick Out Wedding Bands - Raleigh, NC

How to Pick Out Wedding Bands - Raleigh, NC.

Picking out your wedding bands is one of the most important parts of getting married. And because it’s not only a big personal commitment but a financial one, too, it’s best to be prepared before you step in a jewelry store. We’ve got some tips on picking out wedding bands that’ll make this pre-wedding task not only easier but more memorable, too.


·      Know your budget. Have an honest discussion with your partner about how much you want to spend on your wedding rings. Men’s wedding bands, on average, cost less than women’s. But even a simple metal band can cost a few hundred dollars and can soar upwards of several thousand depending on the metal, thickness and if diamonds are included. 

·       Do your research. Go online and check out various styles and metals to get a feel for your own personal preferences. This will prepare you when you go shopping and you’ll feel ready when facing various options.

·       Start with the engagement ring. Oftentimes, engagement rings have a matching wedding band and it’s up to the bride whether she wants to match it or not. If she forgoes the matching band, a growing trend is to mix and match different styles for personal variation.

·       Only shop with a trusted jeweler. It’s a good idea not to just research rings but jewelers, too! Only go to someone with a trusted reputation for providing high-quality jewelry and great customer service.

·       Decide how to make your bands special. Some couples want their bands to match and selecting similar metals or designs can help achieve that. But even if they do not match, there are other ways to ensure your rings go together, such as personal engraving.

·       Give yourself three to four months. By giving yourself a few months before the big day, you have time to find the right styles, get the rings sized, ordered (if necessary) and engraved, if desired.

·       Know when to size your ring. As weird as it sounds, the size of your finger changes hour-by-hour and season-by-season. For the most accurate fit, avoid trying on rings in the morning, after working out or when you’re either really hot or really cold.

·       Be practical with your selection.  Remember, you will wear this ring every single day so find something that makes sense for your life. Many men these days opt for more durable metals like Tungsten or Titanium so as not to damage a precious metal. And a great idea for women who can’t wear their engagement rings for their jobs or personal hobbies is to select a wedding band that looks radiant on its own and doesn’t get in the way of any tasks.

·       Decide if you’ll shop together. Some couples make this a joint venture while others prefer to shop for their future husband’s/wife’s ring separately. The benefit to shopping together is you know if the rings will match and ultimately, both have a say in what you’ll be wearing forever.

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Picking out your wedding bands is exciting and also, a really big deal! Take your time, know what’s out there and what you’re into and most of all, enjoy the process. This is one of the most important pieces you and your spouse will ever own so it’s worth the time and effort to get it just right.

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