Film Photography

Film Photography - Raleigh, NC.

While everything in this world seems to be digital, film photography still has its place when it comes to weddings. Most wedding photographers employ a combination of the two for good reason but film photography boasts a unique quality that couples often admire for their weddings. 

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Digital photography is very precise. With a vast array of options from which to shoot, photographers can see exactly what they’re going to get. With film, it’s a different type of shooting and the look is different, too. Film exposes the peculiarities of light and the environment, and can produce beautiful, more natural images with delicate grainy appearances.

It’s that classic film look that, no matter the software or technology, is so highly coveted by wedding photographers and couples. Film has the ability to retain colors that digital might otherwise ignore.  And it’s incredibly romantic and utterly timeless.

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Film photography can also capture fine details in a more natural way. If you’re looking to have rolling hills or mountains as part of your backdrop, a digital camera might remove some of the subtle details and also, the color. Film photography allows you to capture those natural colors and highlights in an endearing way.

Shooting on film also requires a certain skill set from your photographer. Unlike with digital cameras where you can shoot hundreds of images in a short amount of time, film photography requires the photographer to slow down and make deliberate, creative decisions about what they are shooting. The result is artistry at its finest.

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And for the most passionate of photographers, film photography requires more work and is why they choose that method for the projects they most believe in. And makes any photographer better at what they do.

photos via Elizabeth Messina