How to Remember Your Favorite Vendors and Booths

How to Remember Your Favorite Vendors and Booths.

There are lots of people you can talk to at a North Carolina bridal show but how do you remember your favorite vendors and booths? After all, there could be multiple photographers for which you make a connection or several caterers whose food samples you might really enjoy. Here are a few tips on how to remember your faves:

1. Bring a notepad: Are you someone who remembers better by writing things down? Bring paper and pen and write down your favorite things as you go through the day. Remember: the show is fast-paced so this may be tough but it’s a great option if you want to remember who you spoke with and ideas that really stand out.


2. Bring stickers. This is an easy and simple trick! Place a sticker on your favorite vendor’s business card or on your notes. A small gold star sticker can easily signal to you that a certain vendor was a favorite among the crowd. If the show gives you a list of the vendors and their booths, you can also simply highlight the ones you like on the list, too.

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3. Take photos. Photos are golden! Taking photos of your favorite booths and inspiration will allow you to remember who and what you loved. Don’t be shy – take a bunch!

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4. Send yourself text messages or emails.  This may sound odd but it’s a fast and easy way to take note of something you like. Did you love Susie’s Baked Goods? Then text “Susie’s Baked Goods had an awesome booth and her cookies were bomb!” When you get home, you will remember who you liked and why. After meeting with several vendors over several hours, it can be tough to remember them all.

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With a little preparation, you can easily remember all of your favorite vendors and booths from a busy day at a bridal show. Once you get home, sort through your notes and decide which ones you would like to contact. Don’t wait too long! Scoop up your favorites as soon as you can.

Top to Bottom photo Credits: Jenn Best Photography | Sorella Muse | Jodee Debes Photography | Digital Trends

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