Choosing the right pair of shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes.

No bride’s wedding day look is complete without choosing just the right pair of shoes. But there’s actually a lot you should consider when picking out the shoes for that all important walk down the aisle. Do you go for style or comfort? Do you stay traditional or go for personality? Here are tips to consider when shoe shopping for your wedding.


Find your gown first.

It is incredibly tempting to start searching for shoes and find the pair you love but it’s best to find that perfect gown first. Heel height can make a big difference in the hemline of your gown, which affects how much of the shoe may show as you walk, as well as how much the gown requires alterations. Also, you want your shoes to complement the gown, not the other way around.

Establish a budget.

A budget for shoes? Yes! Shoes for your wedding day can be as affordable or as extravagant as you want – just know what you’re comfortable spending. Some brides opt for flats that are budget-friendly while others opt for designer heels that can run hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Before you fall in love with the perfect pair, set a budget.

Think about your personal style.

Are you classic or a little edgy? Traditional or more glamorous? Some brides prefer traditional shoes that go with their gown seamlessly while others love the idea of adding a pop of personality. Give consideration to what your shoes say about you! Also, consider what you normally wear. If heels aren’t something you’re comfortable with on a daily basis, stick to what works for you!

Shop around.

Keep your options open and search for many different styles and selections. You may fall in love with a pair on your first try but continue to look for others that might suit your bridal style better.

Be cautious when shopping online.

Searching online for shoes is a great way to uncover hidden gems. However, shoe shopping online can pose risks if you’re not careful. You may find a pair that, once delivered, doesn’t fit or look exactly as advertised. If you’re going to buy online, read reviews from other customers who have purchased the same shoes, research the vendor and if at all possible, allow extra time in case you need to return.

Think about the location and style of your wedding.

Of course, those Badgley Mischka silver-studded stilettos are dynamite but will they work for your beach wedding? Probably not. Think about where you have to walk, the terrain, how long you’ll be standing and the duration of the reception. Also, be mindful of the weather, too.

Don’t forget a back-up pair.

No matter what shoes you choose, it never hurts to have a back-up pair handy. This is also a great idea if you know your feet might start to hurt after awhile. Having a second, more comfortable option for the reception never hurts.

Choosing the right pair of shoes for your wedding is a big decision, second only to your gown. Be thoughtful about your decision but also, have fun with it. These shoes will be carrying you down the aisle – you deserve to feel good in them!

photo via: Ether & Smith