Children in your wedding - Raleigh, NC

Children in your wedding - Raleigh, NC.

Oftentimes, couples include children in their weddings because they’re part of their family or the children of close friends. Including a role for them can be a special part of your wedding. But before you extend the honor, it’s best to know some pros and cons of having kiddos as part of your big day.

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·       You love them and it’s meaningful to have them there.  To have any child you love as a part of your special day is incredibly touching. Whether it’s a blended family coming together, or a godson/daughter or niece/nephew you’ve loved since day one, making them feel included will only make your bond stronger.

·       It’s a tradition many still love. Whether they’re a flower girl or ring bearer, giving them an opportunity to play a part in your day is sweet and still a tradition in many weddings.

·       They’re a source of entertainment. Let’s face it: kids can be funny and cute, especially in their charming wedding outfits.

·       They are usually the first ones on the dance floor. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a group of kids prancing around and holding hands. And it makes for adorable photos and video, too.


·       Children are unpredictable. You never know how they might react when walking down the aisle or standing in front of a crowd. There’s the chance they could become shy, irritable or have a meltdown.

·       They might not cooperate or an accident could happen. You may have practiced their walk down the aisle 1,000 times but on the day-of, there’s no guarantee it’ll play out how you rehearsed. They could also trip, get sick or maybe even forget what they have to do. Either way, prepare for the unexpected.

·       They require constant supervision. This might be easy if their parent is readily available; however, if mom or dad is also part of the bridal party, this will require some extra planning.

·       You have to ensure everything is child-friendly. From the music to the food to the guests’ behaviors, if little ones are around, some things require special consideration to ensure it’s okay for kids.

Including children in your wedding is a personal decision to make with your future spouse. Weigh the pros and cons and think about how it will work for your big day. By being fully aware of what having a child in your wedding might entail, you’ll be able to include the little ones you love in a way that works best for you and for them. After all, it will be a memory you’ll share for years to come!

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