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Plated Dinner versus Buffet

Plated Dinner versus Buffet - Raleigh, NC. When you’re planning your wedding reception, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is how to serve food to your guests—plated dinner versus buffet. While both will serve you well,

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Wedding Food Trucks

Wedding Food Trucks - Raleigh, NC. A food truck at a wedding is the hallmark of a good time! You’re telling your guests you want this to be a fun experience with good food and good choices, and it can be a novel alternative to a

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Wedding Donut Ideas

Wedding Donut Ideas - Raleigh, NC. Would you rather eat donuts than cake at your reception? Since 2016, it seems more and more couples agree. This sweet alternative to traditional cake has gained a lot of traction and lends itself to

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Cake Pops - Raleigh, NC

Cake Pops - Raleigh, NC. When cake pops first burst onto the scene, they were simple round creations on sticks. Nowadays, cake pops can be as creative as their bakers’ imaginations. From unique designs to inventive displays, cake pops

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