About Fine Art Wedding Show

The Fine Art Wedding Show is a one-of-a-kind bridal show experience. This two-day event celebrates the fine art niche; a movement of light, authentic and imaginative wedding inspiration. 

Brides searching for creative encouragement and assistance on their wedding planning journeys can expect the Fine Art Wedding Show to be a curated bridal show with high-quality vendors and producers. 

Additionally, the Fine Art Wedding Show is an inspiring atmosphere for the best local vendors to showcase their work and passion while understanding the visions of today’s brides.

All brides deserve to take their time and absorb inspiration from talented vendors who care deeply about weddings. That is the Fine Art Wedding Show.

Who are we?

We are Carl and Michelle Butler, the visionaries behind the Fine Art Wedding Show. We’re a passionate husband and wife duo that’s been working in the wedding industry for over 12 years. 

Michelle first dreamt of this bridal show vision more than 10 years ago but as with many things in life, the dream had to wait. But now, the time is right!

Our knowledge stems from being a part of over 400 weddings as professional fine art photographers, as well as owning and publishing two wedding magazines. We’ve also attended/exhibited at countless bridal shows across the Carolinas. As we embark on our first show, one thing is certain: we feel right at home in the wedding industry.

 John 3:16